Bogoljub Karić has devoted his life to family, friends, people, business, learning, helping. And he had never stopped. His rich life experience cannot be summarized on several pages as the decades of his work have not been rounded so far. New ideas, works, and plans are his everyday challenges, so when we write about the man who has so much success behind, we can only recall a small piece of history of creating the name of Bogoljub Karić.

Born in 1954 in Peć, as the youngest son of Danica and Janićije Karić.

His ancestors who back in 1763, by building their own bakery, had paved the tradition of entrepreneurship, made the first step towards creating a great empire and gave Bogoljub and his brothers and sister a road sign to follow their idea.

He finished elementary and secondary school in Peć, graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Priština, and the crown of his knowledge is the Master’s Degree acquired in 1991 at the Faculty of Economics in Niš on the topic “Organization and development of the small economy.” After three years, he became a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

He entered the history of the Serbian economy as a pioneer of private entrepreneurship who back in 1972, during the absolute rule of socialism and self-management, dared to do something considered unthinkable by then. This bold vision in the small town of Peć was more than the ambition of Sreten, Dragomir, Zoran, Bogoljub, and sister Olivera. These young people who grew up in a traditional, honest, religious and above all united family, decided to be a lighthouse of their town’s economic progress that could only be sensed back then. They did not have much, but their unanimity, their desire to work, succeed and prove themselves were their greatest capital. The money they earned by performing as “Plave zvezde” orchestra was the only share in precision mechanics service “Tehničar” in Peć. Already in 1979 metal processing company “Kosovouniverzum” started working and the whole family, as well as all their relatives and friends,  were in the plants. The results of their work and business were soon felt by the whole town. The start was modest, but the enthusiasm the family had opened new perspectives, so the cooperation with International Financial Corporation “IFC” from Washington enabled the obtaining of a loan, which was a great financial help and entailed the expansion of production capacities.

Thanks to these modest beginnings that soon resulted in a fantastic success, for the first time in the history of Yugoslavia private property gained the right to exist in relation to social, and company “BRAĆA KARIĆ” became the architect of modern business and the organization of private industrial concept. Although they had a vision of modern business that only loomed at the moment, the Karić family preserved all the traditional values ​​of an honest Serbian family. Religion and respect for the church were and remained the backbone of their children’s upbringing. No matter where they lived and were educated, the descendants of Janićije and Danica have not forgotten the heritage of their hearthstone. Unanimity and faith are sanctities that have helped them overcome many distresses and defeat misfortunes.

The decades that followed witnessed the establishment of a successful production-financial-educational empire under trademark of “BRAĆA KARIĆ”

The concept creator and initiator of everything that was created in Karić Company and then in BK GROUP is Bogoljub Karić, who worked to pave his way to stand shoulder to shoulder with the top world leaders in the business. During 30 years of work in the private sector as well as public and humanitarian engagement, Bogoljub Karić has grown into a kind of institution, not only in Serbia but also across its borders.

The visionary and creator, the pioneer of modern understanding of business, creation and introduction of new communication systems in the area of ​​former Yugoslavia and today’s Serbia, has been rewarded with many state recognitions of former Yugoslavia and other countries of the world, such as: “The Seventh of July” (1990), “The Order of St. Sava”, of the first grade, and prestigious magazine “Who is who in the world” was pronounced him the man of the year for 1997. In London, in 2003, Global Reyting Organization awarded Mr. Bogoljub Karić, among the competition consisting of 180 famous world businessmen, with the international award for the contribution to the development of private entrepreneurship in the former Yugoslavia. Already in the following year, a well-known world business magazine, London’s “European CEO” declared Mr. Bogoljub Karić the most successful business man for the previous year, and his recognition was awarded in October 2005. On the suggestion of Mr. Diasaku Ikeda, the founder of University of SOKA and one of the most famous thinkers of the modern world, in November 2005, Mr. Bogoljub Karić received the title of an honorary Doctor of University of SOKA in Tokyo, for his contribution to strengthening peace, stability and development of Serbia, Europe and whole world.

In Banja Luka in 2016 and 2017, Bogoljub and Dragomir Karić were declared the most successful managers, and their companies were the most successful in the region.

Bogoljub Karić is also the winner of the prestigious award of the Russian Federation “Leader of the New Russia”, which was awarded to him in 2016 in the Kremlin.

Caring for his family, joint business and the vision of another economy did not hinder Bogoljub Karić to help in his country during his political engagement.

His economic program was embedded in the foundations of his political engagement in the 2004 presidential elections. Without the help of the party infrastructure, he won the third place. The people recognized his vision of better Serbia, and his salad, as a recognizable sign of the campaign, remained a synonym for Serbia that can and must produce food for whole Europe.

The work of Bogoljub Karić undoubtedly gives an impressive trace in the history of the Serbian political scene. He is a businessman, who has results and a clear plan, not a classical futile political story and demagogy. In Serbia, parties were born and died, together with their leaders. However, the “Power of Serbia-BK” movement has survived without a leader as political dissidents expatriated him. While they were fragmenting Serbia, Bogoljub Karić was creating an empire on someone else’s ground, built complexes of several million square meters and won the world’s highest recognitions at the world builders festival in Cannes and Vienna.

Due to all this, the biography of Bogoljub Karić is certainly one of the most striking, richest and exciting among the businessmen and leaders of the newer age. His life is another vision of entrepreneurship, the development of family business, the political change in Serbia at the transition between the two centuries. His motto is: “Serbia does not need masters, but the servants of the people!” He has the courage to say that this state must unveil “democratic privatizations” in which “politicians” sold out, closed or appropriated all that was worth and that was the basis for the creation of a large part of the social income of the time.

He had to pay the highest cost for wishing to wake up Serbia: He had to flee from his homeland. The struggle lasted for eleven years. The authorities of the day did not have any solid evidence of any guilt and they seized from “Astra Bank”, “Astra Simit”, “Evropa osiguranje”, “BKTV” to “Mobtel”. In the money, it was worth about 3.5 billion euros.

There is no longer any investigation conducted against Bogoljub Karić. The guilt was not abolished, as it did not exist. The prosecution gave up everything that the then government tried to construct in the show trial, and the family’s satanisation in the media and institutions was halted.

In the European judiciary, it has not been noted that the defendant was convicted without guilt, or that the property was confiscated without a judgment. The then government of Serbia did much more. They did everything to expel from Serbia the man who succeeded in building mobile telephony in Serbia during the worst sanctions in the 1990s. He completed the work that at that time even highly successful American companies could not accept. He introduced the technology of the 21st century at the end of the 20th century in Serbia.

After eleven years of exile, Bogoljub Karić returned to Serbia as a winner. He returned to where he had started from, to those he started with. Bogoljub Karić’s biography is more than listing data, recognitions and successes. It is a story of the man who considers family and homeland sanctuaries. Everything he did, and does today and wants to accomplish is devoted to the family and homeland. His wife Milanka, children Nebojša, Neda, Jelena, Danica, grandchildren, brothers and sister, without whom none of this would exist, and their descendants. Bogoljub Karić, the youngest child of Janićije and Danica, became the engine of the development of an entire economy. A hardworking boy from Peć with his brothers and sister succeeded where many world companies stalled and proved that in a united family and with faith in God everything is possible and attainable.

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