Help us to realize the vision of Serbian Strength Movement!

The donation movement Bogoljub Karic participate in creating a democratic free and open society, a donation can be made by direct deposit to an account through a payment order. We inform you that we will take care of each donation, which will be used for the development of society.

Bank account:


In accordance with Article 10 of the Law on Financing Political Activities, “Strength Movement SERBIAN” publish a list of donors whose value exceeded the amount of giving an average monthly salary :

ID Ime i prezime Mesto Iznos uplate Datum uplate
1. Petar Petrović Beograd 45.450,00 08.06.2017.
2. Petar Petrović Novi Sad 50.000,00 08.06.2017.
3. Nikola Petrović Kruševac 76.000,00 08.06.2017.
4. Marija Petrović Beograd 41.000,00 08.06.2017
5. Zoran Petrović Užice 25,000 13.03.2017.